A Guide to the 7 Digital Accessibility Myths

When you work in digital accessibility, you hear a lot of things from customers, designers, developers, and agencies that just aren’t correct. Most are genuine misconceptions, but that doesn’t mean they’re harmless. At best, organizations can end up overspending on accessibility. But they also let organizations psych themselves out of pursuing greater accessibility out of fear that it will be too expensive or too difficult. And at worst, orgs might think they are accessibility conformant but are actually increasing their legal risk while missing out on the business benefits of digital accessibility.

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How to Choose a Screen Reader for Testing Your Site

Screen reader testing is a critical part of digital accessibility. But testing across all screen readers can be a lot. Where should you start?

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Designing High Contrast Focus States: A Practical Guide

A straightforward guide to the color contrast issue you're probably missing.

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How to Think About Accessibility During a "Tech Recession"?

Twitter fired their entire accessibility team this month. But that doesn't mean you can afford to pause on accessibility during a tech recession.

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How Local Government Websites Can Be More Accessible for Users with Disabilities

Take a look at your town’s website. I was checking out my local township website to get some election related information last week. And it’s kind of awful. For everyone. But especially for users with disabilities.

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